Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Our special Romanian guests...

Georgiana and Diana from Romania
August has been difficult with temperatures in the high 30s most days. But guests at Ca’n Reus may have been surprised to see no drop in standards – not least due to our guests from a Children’s Home in Romania who have been staying with us for the past week. Although they were staying here as guests, they were determined to help. Every morning the 12 year old girls, Georgiana and Diana, would help lay the tables and 12 year old Albert and 13 year old Marcel would sweep the terrace.

Marcel's meatballs went down a treat!
Marcel is a super cook who plans to be Romania’s Jamie Oliver one day. (When I visited their home in Romania last year, he showed a copy of the Jamie Oliver cookbook, his most treasured possession, translated in to Romanian!) He cooked French toast and omelettes for breakfast and, in the picture, that is Marcel in an apron with his back to the camera having just prepared the most delicious Romanian meatballs for a dinner for 22 people!

The boys Albert & Marcel
But it was not all child labour here at Ca’n Reus. They went to the beach, to Aqualand, to the Aquarium, on our boat, to the swimming pool, they ate kilos of ice cream and still had time to make lots of friends from among our guests and the many Romanians who live on the island.

They leave today and I don’t know what we shall do without them. We have had so much fun introducing them to Ca’n Reus and showing them the island. I hope their first trip abroad was as memorable for them has been for us.

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