Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter in Mallorca, olive weekends, renovation...

WINTER IN MALLORCA is great. Since I got back here from my London chores in mid December, the sun has shone almost non-stop. We have taken long hikes in the mountains and have taken the little boat out. We sit outside for lunch and even have sundowner drinks on the terrace.

Last weekend's Olive Weekend was a great success. Our guests included Britons, Americans, Germans, Indians and a glamorous Iranian lady journalist thrown in for good measure. It was fun, very international with lots of good talk besides the scheduled olive picking, olive oil making and cookery class. 

We had a Spanish Classical Guitar concert in the entrada of Ca'n Reus on Saturday evening by Antonio Miranda. whose sophisticated and professional playing successfully blends classical with modern jazz. My husband Nick and I have become Antonio groupies and are going to a jamming session by him and fellow musicians at the Jazz Club in Palma next week.

But now Ca'n Reus gets down to some serious work. For the next month, we have only two rooms open while the roof is repaired and insulated, new air conditioning units are fitted in to all rooms, two bathrooms are being renovated and everywhere gets a lick of paint. As I write this, I am sitting in a pile of dust and packing boxes but the workmen promise me all will be finished on schedule.

What’s more, Can Reus is finally getting round to launching its online booking system. It’s designed to be interactive; all guest will be able select the room and dates they prefer instantly from the website. The system also uses PayPal to ensure a fast and secure payment.

By the time we reopen completely, in time for Valentine's Day, we shall be in fine shape...

Hope to see you all here soon