Saturday, 24 November 2012

Olive weekends: past and future...

The October Olive Weekend was a great success. Great company, fabulous weather, good walking and excellent eating. The concert by Philip Lange in the candlelit entrada of the hotel was an additional, romantic treat of exceptional musical quality.

The winter months are wonderful here. As I write this, the sun is streaming in to the hotel from the terrace, the sky blue and the grey, rain sodden skies of England (where I was yesterday) feel blissfully far away.

January and February seem like the most depressing months in Northern Europe, but I have good news - we have another Olive Weekend coming up in January.

We call it the Soller Valley Experience because we combine the olive picking, eating and walking with the local annual village animal festival. There will be a BBQ and bonfire in the village square and, on the Sunday, the priest blesses the full range of village animals from canaries in cages to dogs on leashes and handsome stallions racing through the cobbled streets.

It is great fun and reminds me of what living in Spain is all about – fiestas, fun and lots of sun.

Do join us!

The details are on the hotel website.


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