Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fiesta Season Cometh

The Mallorca summer proceeds at its leisurely pace. Endless blue skies, picnics on the beach, boat excursions, cocktails on the terrace of Ca'n Reus watching the sunset, late, Spanish style dinners in the open and those long, sultry nights when, if you are a local, you are considered a wimp if you go to bed before dawn. And the best thing about living in Spain? We have another three months of the same!

And, in the unlikely event that you might need a little more excitement, we have fiestas galore. The feast of San Bartolomeu, a pyromaniacs' delight, in the main square of the town of Soller, 10 minutes away, on August 28th.

Fireworks at the Festival of San Bartolomeu
Crazy floats, wild dancing and extravagant fireworks to indulge the Spanish love of noise and danger.And - highlight of the local calendar - the Fornalutx Fiesta on September 7, 8 and 9th. Folkdance and music, communal village feasting and, for the stronghearted, the Running of the Bull through the streets of the village. Not to be missed!

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